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Projects 2015-2017

Nonprofit Organisation - Project Leader 'New Website'

Brown Hyena Research Project

The Brown Hyena Research Project exists since 1997 and has been registered as a Namibian non-profit organisation in 2002.

The purpose of the Brown Hyena Research Project (BHRP) is: To conduct scientific research on the brown hyena and other carnivores in their natural environment to ensure the long-term conservation and survival of free-ranging brown hyenas and other carnivores and their ecosystem and to develop strategies for the conservation of brown hyenas and other carnivores and their habitats and all objects ancillary thereto.

The BHRP was in need of a new website with a responsive design which is able to be pulled up on mobile devices. The new website provides more information and pictures including sliders and a fresh design.

Video Marketing - Project Leader 'Product Videos MM DE'

Marco Klein + Partners

Marco Klein + Partners is a communication agency that specializes in video marketing and the creation and production of international quality video content.

For a German chain of stores selling consumer electronics, we have created 1100 product videos. The videos have an average length of one minute, consisting of picture and video material of the manufacturers, and a German voice-over with subtitles. These videos were integrated into the company's web shop.

Gastronomy - Project leader 'Infrastructure & Construction'

GYS  Rotterdam

GYS is an organic restaurant with healthy dishes. From sustainable meat up to vegan products; it is a great place for people with food allergy too.

As project leader 'infrastructure and construction,' we were the executive and consultants responsible - under the supervision of the senior owner - for technical aspects during the building of GYS Rotterdam.

Gastronomy - Project leader 'Infrastructure & Construction'

GYS Utrecht

GYS is an organic restaurant with healthy dishes. From sustainable meat up to vegan products; it is a great place for people with food allergy too.

As project leader 'infrastructure and construction,' we were responsible for all technical aspects of building all GYS restaurants in Utrecht from September 2014 until June 2016.

Below are two projects we would love to highlight here:

 1. After the successful opening of the location 'Voorstraat', lots of installations were adjusted or renovated by us due to technical fault or disagreement with regulations. Among others, 80% of the electrical installation and the kitchen ventilation   were renewed.

 2. In 2015, we built the location Amsterdamsestraatweg 113 with 20 employees of GYS, Tomas Wallenburg (furniture designer/maker), and Ton Bikker (tiler). In 1800 man hours, a successful location was developed, without any accidents. Due to this concept, all employees have a strong bond to the restaurant.

Engineering & Construction - Project Leader 'Marketing'

Pneumotec Entstaubungstechnik GmbH

Pneumotec Entstaubungstechnik GmbH is an engineering and construction company that develops dedusting and pneumatic transportation plants.

We are responsible for the successful marketing, especially online-marketing of the company’s products.

Nonprofit Organisation - Project Leader 'Marketing'

Brown Hyena Research Project

The Brown Hyena Research Project is a non-profit organisation based in Lüderitz in the southern Namib Desert in Namibia. Their research on brown hyenas and the conservation of the ecologically unique brown hyena population along the coastal Namib Desert commenced in 1995 and had since developed into a long-term conservation project.

We are responsible for the successful marketing, especially online marketing of The Brown Hyena Research Project’s work.

ICT - New infrastructure

Confidential contact

Some customers have trust issues and allow no external communication. In 2015, at an international law firm, we updated their entire communication infrastructure (Cat-6a).

ICT - Provider and hosting service

Different kind of customer

Our strong partnerships with two major international registrars provide you with numerous and individual hosting possibilities. This offers many opportunities for advertising brands and products.

Fashion & FMCG - Marketing & Sales

Multiple projects

FMCG and fashion are very fascinating. Therefore, we are always interested in the execution of such projects.  We realise several sales and developmental projects each year from this sector.


Projects <2015

< 2015

projects before 2015

Company Profile
Dutch event agency for children, teenager and youngster. The company organizes events for well-known brands on the Dutch market. Some event concepts are licensed to other countries.

Scope of the projects
· Implementation of a backoffice system with a mail server and appropriate applications on all workstations, remote access through VPN
· Management of the IT relocation and integration of new infrastructure when the company moved the headquarters from Utrecht to Amsterdam

· Implementation of a Microsoft BackOffice Server with a complete backoffice solution, integrated mailserver, HP backup system and an additional NAS
· For external access the VPN ability of the internet router was used
· New infrastructure contains a data and voice network

Company Profile
My customer is a service provider who specializes in supporting military and humanitarian operations in environments where direct professional (medical) assistance is often not available.

Scope of the projects
Consulting for security systems for data- and voice connections

Implementation of openPGP for data transfer, secured VoIP and increasing the security level by a windows firewall system

Company Profile
The product range of the engineering company is dedusting technology, pneumatic transporting plants, filter technology, process engineering and sales of diverse industrial products for customers around the world.

Scope of the projects
Installation and implementation of complete ICT infrastructure
· Set up of a central data server, consult and installation of applications, security protection, backup system
· Worldwide access to the intranet

· Implementation of network for data and VoIP
· Implementation of Microsoft Windows Network
· Installation of NAS, backup system and security package, accessible via VPN
· Introduction of Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical in the engineering department
· Training courses for Microsoft Office, Internet and AutoCAD
· 24/7 telephone and mail support with full VNC access

Company Profile
The NPO provides care to homeless people at several locations.

Scope of the projects
Development of a new web page, introduction of a mail client, training and administration of the mail- and webserver for more than 100 staff members at 4 locations

· Development and programming of a web page (>100 pages) with Dreamweaver, perl interfaces and php3 parts
· Introduction of Microsoft Outlook
· Account-Administration of the Web- and Mailserver
· 24/7 mail support, 8/7 telephone support


to be continued